Chain Smoking Records is a record label and promotion company that specializes in the rock and Americana of the Midwest.

A Record Label

Chain Smoking Records seeks out Midwestern artists who embody the best of what this underrepresented region has to offer. Our decisions are guided by the needs and goals of each artist, project by project. We look for partners who do something interesting and do it well, so we think the business model should follow the music’s lead.

Although critics have been predicting the end of the record label for some time now, we believe that musicians benefit from pooling resources. From tour scheduling to recording and promoting an album, there are certain needs all artists share. When CSR founder Anthony Fanger wanted to become a part of his local music scene, what he saw were bands struggle with finances, distribution, and maintaining contacts outside their immediate circle. Today, CSR provides those services which its artists do not have the time or contacts to do themselves while allowing each artist to have the final say on the content, presentation, and direction of their work.

A Promoter

Recognizing that new music flourishes where performance opportunities are plentiful, Chain Smoking Records has for several years brought regional and national acts to our home town to help spur creativity and to give Fort Wayne’s residents a taste of what’s happening elsewhere.

CSR has promoted shows for The Devil Makes Three, The Dex Romweber Duo, No Bunny, Pokey Lafarge, The Two Man Gentleman Band, M.O.T.O., and many more.


Press for the Label

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