Chain Smoking Records will accept unsolicited demos, but note that we prefer artists who have an established fan base, who have a history of solid live performances, and who are already integrated into their local and regional music scenes. If you can’t work with other musicians and promoters, you will probably find us no different.

A link to an EPK is your best bet. Include photos, video, mp3s, recent press, and lists of shows you’ve played, but please do not attach any files to the email itself. It helps to write a friendly letter explaining who you are, what you’ve done, and why you’d like to work with us. Send your submission to

You can also mail us a physical kit at: Chain Smoking Records, PO Box 13756, Fort Wayne IN, 46865 U.S.A

The best way to get our attention is to ask to be a part of one of future concerts. Send us a polite email with a list of possible dates and a link to a webpage with pictures and recordings of your band. If we’re interested, we’ll get back to you.

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